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Playing 'King of the Castle'
Cutting edge technology of the 60s and 70s becomes outdated as the world advances...

Photo: March/April 1984 - The author clearing a corner of the Fynevue estate in preparation for building the Light Straw ATE © Fynevue.
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Einstein A Go Go by Landscape (1981)
Like A Virgin by Madonna (1984) written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
We Never Danced (1987) sung by Martha Davis written by Neil Young.
Dusty - The Very Best of Dusty Springfield (1988) - Including "Nothing has been proved" from the film Scandal

Telephone Themes

Call Me by Go West (1985)

James Bond

Sean Connery: Never Say Never Again (1983) [Not EON Productions]

Roger Moore: For Your Eyes Only (1981), Octopussy (1983), View to a Kill (1985)

Timothy Dalton: The Living Daylights (1987), Licence to Kill (1989)


Suffix marks were introduced in 1963, in the format:

for example XAR 109 W
Suffix W X Y Z
From Date Aug 80 Aug 81 Aug 82 Not used
Prefix were marks introduced in 1983, in the format:

for example,  A  670 FPU
Prefix A B C D E F G
From Date Aug 83 Aug 84 Aug 85 Aug 86 Aug 87 Aug 88 Aug 89

 The Q prefix has been used since August 1983 for vehicles of indeterminable age, e.g. kit conversion cars.


Space Shuttles: Columbia, Endeavour, Atlantis, Challenger, Discovery.

The first shuttle flight STS-1 (Space Transportation System) was of Columbia and it was launched on 12th April 1981.

Challenger STS 51L  - Jan 1986 'Challenger go throttle up' - Faulty 'O - rings' on the solid rocket boosters, caused an explosion during take off.
The Weather

Hurricane winds in October 1987.
Deep snow in Winter 1988/9.

Other Events

In January 1985 the last 405 line (black and white) TV transmitter was switched off.

The end of 'Checkpoint Charlie' as the Berlin Wall , which separated East and West Germany, came down on 9th November 1989.

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