The Fynevue Chronicles: Evolving Architecture  
Evolving Architecture
The Fynevue Chronicles' look at the designs and materials of buildings both old and new.

Photo: 'The new Legoland' Feb 2010 © Fynevue.
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Architecture is continually evolving as advances in both design and materials technology makes the once impossible achieveable and also fit for the purpose.

The Shard  
Modern Architecture
London Bridge Tower - The Shard...

Photo: 'The Shard' © Fynevue July 2011.
The IWM  
Imperial War Museum, London
The Imperial War Museum, London, reconfigured by Foster & Partners.

Photo: Imperial War Museum, London © Fynevue August 2014.
Art Deco on the Railways  
Art Deco
The Art Deco design of many railway buildings is typical of the 1930s architecture which emerged during a period of growth.

Photo: Rayners Lane Underground Station in Pinner, Middlesex © Fynevue April 2011.
Dorothy Annan Murals  
Dorothy Annan Murals
The Dorothy Annan murals at Fleet Building, London.

Photo: Dorothy Annan murals © Light Straw 2006.
Southend Town  
Southend Town
A look at the changing face of Southend Town.

Photo: Adventure Island (foreground) with the Pier in the distance © Fynevue July 2013.

Making way for the new...


City Hall
City Hall, home of the Mayor of London, the London Assembly and the GLA was designed by the 'wobbly bridge' team of Foster and Partners. In this new millennium, as technology advances, ever more striking buildings and unusual structures are appearing on the skyline...

Photo: Tom Mitchell

Worldwide Plaza - completed 1989

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